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The secret to good food is… good food. We take special care to find the best ingredients from the best people, sourced local when possible. Menus change daily because they start with what’s in season and arriving on the doorstep from nearby farmers, fishermen, and ranchers. It’s often mere hours since ingredients have been in the field or the water, that they make it to your plate, with little embellishment: basil tops & heirloom tomatoes from Michael Borek at Teena’s Pride Farm, organic eggs from the happiest chickens on Earth at Alice Pena’s PNS Farms and Rhode Island reds,

turkeys, and ducks at Dale Volkert’s Lake Meadow Naturals, spear-caught fish from George Figueroa at Trigger Seafood, heritage Hereford pork from Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farms, Poulet rouge chicken from Joyce Farms, lamb from Niman Ranch… From there, it’s about letting the ingredients speak for themselves when they hit the table, from house-cured heritage meats and homemade seasonal fruit jams to wood-fired whole local fish and colorful salads. For the stories of where our food comes from, visit The Genuine Kitchen.


A local beet in good hands.