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The seed of Michael’s fresh, simple, and pure mission was first planted and nurtured here in Miami, with daily care and attention to the quality of our local sources and getting their beautiful product into the kitchen at its freshest.  In fact, if there’s one thing you should take away from the Michael’s Genuine experience, it’s know your source.

It’s often mere hours since ingredients have been in the field or the water, that they make it to your plate, with little embellishment: basil tops & heirloom tomatoes from Michael Borek at Teena’s Pride Farm, lila onions from “Green” Dean Richardson, rainbows of bell peppers and tropical fruits from Margie Pikarsky of Bee Heaven Farm, organic eggs from the happiest chickens on Earth at Alice Pena’s PNS Farms and Rhode Island reds,


A local beet in good hands, those of Farm to Kitchen’s Chris Padin.

turkeys, and ducks at Dale Volkert’s Lake Meadow Naturals, spear-caught fish and Everglades frog legs from George Figueroa at Trigger Seafood, and natural, free range, heritage Hereford pork from Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farms.

The list goes on as we are in an ongoing partnership with our suppliers to identify new ingredients and visit them in-person regularly to share best practices. Our forager Chris Padin of local distributor Farm to Kitchen is on a constant hunt to sniff out sources yet to be discovered.  This holds true when we go out of state for oysters (Island Creek and Hama Hama,) poulet rouge chicken (Joyce Foods,) grass fed beef (White Oak Pastures,) or wild salmon (Mikuni Wild Harvest.)  Menus change daily, and we do our best to update them here on the website weekly.  You can usually find us posting new items to Instagram daily.